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If you are a qualified dermatologist (modern medicine), join our blog as an author. Join now or read below to know why should you be an author in our blog.

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Most of the digital marketing advice you receive now a day mainly stresses upon social media marketing (including instagram) , PPC ad or video marketing (including instagram & youtube). While this approach is not particularly wrong, it is far from complete.

The most important downside of social media based marketing is that each of your efforts is short lived. The video you made today on acne care, or your interview in a leading newspaper will effectively last as long as your reader refreshes the newsfeed. It’s sad but true. Same goes for PPC, people will continue to click as long as you keep google paying money.

The only approach that can give you long term results is content marketing and SEO because once it can get organic search traffic, it can give you results for ages. Even marketing wizard like Seth Godin has said “This is the only marketing left”

Of course, making a website and creating a good number of high quality content (along with technical SEO) alone is a very difficult job while competing with giants like mayo clinic and WebMd in the search result. But it’s definitely possible as a collaborative project and right SEO approach. You could also write on platforms like Practo but they will never allow you to link back to your own website.

Here, every article you write ,will contain your clinic’s contact number and a backlink to your actual website (or google business page / facebook page if you do not have a website ) and the e-clinic you have made through Prescripto.

As multiple contents by you and your fellow dermatologists will link to each other in a meaningful way, it will boost every article's value both for human readers and search engines.

There is also an additional benefit of joining our website as an author. If you have already opened an e-clinic with Prescripto and eligible for doctor listing, then your authorship might give you a boost in the ranking in future. For example if you have written an article on hair care and a patient is searching for a dermatologist in your city for hair problem (our website lets the patient choose the problem beforehand), it will boost your ranking in result or even can make yours the only result in that case.

However, at this moment having a Prescripto account or being listed in is not a criteria for joining as an author in our blog.

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Though not mandatary, you may also consider joning our website as a dermatologist for a free listing in our website.


Contact us


32/1A Srish chandra chowdhury lane 700002, Kolkata

You may reach us through

Email :

Alternate email :

Whatsapp : 8016519293



Regular pricing is 399 149 INR for Indian patients (5 USD for international patients). However, it may vary due to certain factors.

We have no fixed pricing for partner doctors (in case, we refer you to someone). Because, each doctor in our partner network can set his/her own fee. If the doctor wants, he/she can provide the consultation for free as well.


About us

Myskinmychoice is a tele-dermatology service that connects you with a qualified dermatologist through whatsapp.

How does it work ?

Send your request in WhatsApp and follow the instructions.

If your problem can be solved online, the dermatologist will chat with you and will send you a prescription link.

You need to pay the consultation fee to view the prescription.


Cancellation / Refund policy

Medical consultation is not a tangible good and therefore not refundable. However, if you are not satisfied with a particular doctor after consultation you should let us know by email or whatsapp.

In certain cases, when you have paid the consultation fees , but unable to view the prescription, you should contact your doctor as soon as possible. We have a transparent system to handle such disputes at the back-end and the issue should be solved without much delay.

If you already have informed your doctor about any payment dispute but he/she did not take any action within 3 days, you may directly contact us also by sending an email to :

Mention the following things in your email to speed up your review process.
1. Your name
2. Doctors name
3. Date of consultation date.
4. Transaction ID (optional) : If it was a failed transaction, you may be able to see it in the page where you were redirected immediately after the payment.
5. Your order no (As we use PayTM payment gateway, you should be able to see your order ID from your payTM app → Go to menu → My orders → Find the order details (merchent name should be my skin my choice ) → Get order no. (it starts with ORDS)

Disclaimer: Online consultation in any form is not a replacement of an actual visit to a dermatologist, nor that is intended for. To stay updated with our service, like our facebook page, or for any query/suggestion send a whatsapp to 9932575251.

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